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I use the figure to symbolically explore the human condition through the ethos of figurative expressionism. My work is highly influenced by my other passion; the theatre, imbuing it with an aura of the stage and the dramatic.
I focus primarily on abstract portraits of women and people of color, this  enables an examination of perceptions associated with generalizations.. Aligning my experiences of growing up in Africa with western cultural sensibilities, I bridge societal differences by highlighting commonalities  through the ambiguity of abstraction . An introspective  discourse can ensue between art and viewer where the image is able  to self-articulate to perhaps modify or re-examine said perceptions.

While u
sing traditional and improvisational materials as mark makers, I render my own interpretations of images sourced from photographs as well as  my own memories recorded through both conscious and subconscious  experiences.

My abstracted figures are an invitation to subjective inferences. Through the face in the portrait or the composition of the figure on the canvas I aim to attain a certain vulnerability that stimulates a deep contemplative dialogue between the viewer and the work.”

 Temi Wynston Edun is a contemporary figurative expressionist currently living and working in Maryland, USA.

Born and raised in Nigeria, the energy of Africa permeates his work. Edun works in both 2- dimensional and 3-dimensional media, drawing inspiration from the human condition but not conforming to realistic depictions, his work explores the figure and often faces within the context of solitude and isolation.

While utilising a plethora of materials to create compelling works that blur the lines between reality and subjectivity Edun's work is an expressive and visceral narrative of spontaneous brush strokes, palette knife, natural sponges and direct finger application.

Though his work is not laden with overt messages Edun believes all art intrinsically say something whether intentionally or otherwise, hence he feels compelled to use cultural references in his work. These are at a deeper level a metaphor for a shared common humanity as culture is foundational to building identity.

Temi Wynston Edun has a BFA in Sculpture from the University of Benin, Nigeria. His work is many private and corporate collections in the USA, the United Kingdom and Nigeria.